DWG Business unit Management

We implement a model of contractual holding on delivering management and technology consulting solutions in Ukraine and worldwide. DWG's each affiliate company , which is a contract holder is considered to be a party in a technology development, staff augmentation, educational programs or product distribution chain and receives payments and further contributions from a customer in line with terms and conditions of the certain type of contract  and project specifics accordingly.


Moreover, due to wide assortment of engagements and services delivered globally, most of our native  and international business partners and in house consultants have become experts in different professional and merchandise groups, thus we are able to recommend you extra reliable service providers in terms of high quality and loyal price we know, or have already worked with. Such partnership assists us to address and solve your inquiries promptly and be sure that the submitted information is well-checked.


DWG Business unit Operation Phases 
Creation Phase

- Create and discuss an estimation for the budget 

- Consider a particular model of building the unit based on initial project specifics, technology, and feasibility studies, existing or developed business and go to market strategy
- Figure out requirements to the talents expertise: customer’s employees, hiring new ones or a mixed model 
- Identify the needs of permanent long-term employees or contractors  for short term periods of time (from 1+ years)
-Infrastructure plan (network and system equipment configuration, workstations, servers, officespace)
Implementation & Delivery Phase
​​- Budget confirmed 
- Signing a contract
- Additional office rent *Optional
- Building a team : hiring processes
- Set up knowledge transfer
- Requirements gathering process
- Trainings conducting *if necessary
- Set up communication process (meeting schedule, reporting)
- Set up workflows, management systems and equipment
- Replication of existing customer environment 
- Workflow is adjusted in order to meet the one hosted by  the client
Operations & Transfer Phase
​​- Customer’s 100% dedicated team
- You define the technologies, skill levels and development methodologies for the teams
- No remote freelancers and subcontractors 
- You can visit or send in-house management representative  to our office any time
- No additional costs for data security measures
- HR management, staff replacements within 2 weeks to a month, no special costs
- Simplified Accounting (reports, tax and legal fee payments, vacation and holiday management)
- No expenses for all utilities, communication devices, telecommunications, legal costs etc

Post Transfer Phase

- Business planning (attracting additional rounds of finance )
- Exclusive Account Management
- Dedicated HR, Recruiting & Retention Programs Development
- Training, Mentoring & Coaching 
- Accounting & Legal support
- Marketing & Advertising 
- Strategy Development & Forecasting
- Budgeting
- Technology Consulting
In  case of necessity, we will consult you on all the specific issues, arising by contract concluding, will thoroughly and timely check all the needed requirements related to the contract and appropriate technical documentation,  in order to avoid any misapprehension while project delivery or transfer procedures.