DWG Careers & Applicant Essentials  

We are always looking for smart and intelligent, bright and professional individuals to join our dedicated and passionate Team for international projects collaborations. DWG empowers native influence to contribute on global technologies development and innovations. We would love to hear from you to turn your ideas into life as now it's your time to create.
Additionally, all the facilities within DWGroup  ensure corporate programs, tools and planning in place to provide you with the ongoing learning and development that’s critical to your future career success and professionalism.
DWG Pre selection Process

By sending your original resume, we can compare your skills, experience and education to our current employment opportunities.

Using our example profile form, you can apply to one or more appropriate positions in our current career opportunities database. Apply for positions where your qualifications meet the education, work experience and skill requirements.
DwG Interview Process
A DWG recruiting consultant  will contact the most qualified candidates within approximately 24-48 hours of the position being posted. Alternatively, if you are not the qualified candidate, you will receive an email response advising that you will temporarily not be considered for the position.
Your first interview will be with a member of the DWG Recruiting and Executive Management Team. The interview may take place in person or by phone, based on your location and availability. The majority of the time will be spent discussing your background, skills, and significant accomplishments. This is a great chance for you to learn about our business, tour our facility, and meet other DeltaWeb employees.
After the interview, our recruiting specialist will contact all the pre selected candidates to advise on of the outcome of your interview. If you are the most qualified candidate for the role, you will move to the next stage of the interview process with the Business Hiring Manager(s). In some situations, additional interviews with the business owner may be conducted.
DWG Pre- Employment Assessments and Background Check
Our assessments may vary based on the position you apply to.  The assessments will be conducted online or at primary DeltaWeb location.  All the assessments will assist DeltaWeb recruiting staff during the interview process.
Based on the results of your interviews, or in case preliminary offer of employment accepted, we will complete background check procedure.  This will typically consist of criminal history, education and employment references. Thus your Offer of Employment will be 100% contingent upon a favorable background check.
DWG Offer Process and First Day of Work 
 If you are selected as the most qualified candidate, we will advise you verbally and send  a written DWG Offer Form.
You will also receive offer documentation with the offer letter and forms for background checks.
It will be required to complete and return these forms confirming your acceptance of the offer within 5 business days. Therefore if you are not the selected candidate for the position you will be notified about this accordingly and your application will be kept in our files for further opportunities. We encourage you to keep your candidate profile up-to-date and check our latest career opportunities. 
During this time, your candidate profile will be searchable by DWGroup and its subsidiaries and affiliated customer companies in consideration for other DW job opportunities. Either your new manager or a member of Human Resources will be in contact with you to discuss your first day of work with DWG.  If you have any questions before your first day, please contact your new manager or Human Resources at your location.