DWG HR & Recruitment Center

At DWG HR & Recruitment Center, our recruiting experts have greater access to global candidate pools and the capability to manage quick, cost-effective, focused searches and hires, tapping into their considerable buying power with online job boards. They are now also heavily focused on the power of social media; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter which is playing a huge part in candidate attraction and doing that very successfully. Additionally, some of our customer companies are turning to an RPO  model because it makes  recruiting and related procedures less expensive, more effective and more efficient. Basically, the process may involve  company's entire recruitment operations or just some of the typical elements; sourcing candidates, managing applications databases, screening and interviewing candidates, collecting references and/or conducting background checks etc.  In fact, such cooperation helps both the customer organizations and our consultancies to grow and perform better.
DWG HR & Recruitment Key Strengths for Corporates  
- Dedicated HR,recruiting services delivery team that follows internal corporate staffing strategy
- Scalable, on-demand global recruitment service support
- Turning the customer management's focus to strategic level processes of HRM
- Optimal resource utilization
- Structured and fair performance management
We are striving for seamless and transparent relationships between the company and recruiting partner following corporate staffing strategy. For most companies, it  means that fewer internal staff is required for such purposes and frees up other employees to focus on more important HR initiatives. The client ultimately benefits from more highly qualified employees who are better suited to the roles within their businesses, which leads’ to reduced costs and greater opportunities for business growth.

DWG HR & Recruitment Center Focus

Technical & Functional IT Staffing
General Full Cycle Recruiting
Job Interviews & Phone screening
Account Management
HR Forecasting & Planning
Staff Retention Programs
HR Audit
Executive Search&Headhunting
HR Strategy Development
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WHat we do to make your business successful
- Using social media to advertise positions, attract candidates and build relationships with candidates and employers
- Sourcing suitable candidates via job boards, networking, advertising and referrals 
- Maintaining candidate networks
- Candidates initial pre-screening and phone interviews
- Collecting references and background check
- Identifying and approaching suitable candidates who may already be in work
- Managing the job offer process and negotiating salary packages
- Developing and managing ongoing client relationships - both on the phone and face to face
- Preparing CVs and correspondence to forward to clients in respect of suitable applicants
- Organising interviews for candidates as requested by the client
- Informing candidates about the results of their interviews
- Negotiating pay and salary rates and finalising arrangements between client and candidates

DWG Staffing Assessment Center

DWG Assessment Center implements one of our integrated evaluation procedure for prospect staff qualifying purposes based on complex behavior techniques for estimating the real professional qualities of employees, their psychological and professional features that meet the requirements of each particular positions, as well as identifying their potential expertise level. This evaluation method is conducted by special guest organizations providing services in the field of personnel evaluation, and by our corporate HR specialists and psychologists.


Our training expert or a group usually assigned for each particular participant during a certain type of exercise . Their mission is to capture in detail the most common behavior of the participant to classify the behavior attributed to a particular assessed competence), and then evaluate these competencies. The most important value of the method is the summary of independent expert evaluations obtained during separate exercises in integrated assessment competency.
Assessment procedures may vary but more often consist of three main blocks:
Business games (modeling situation)
Tests and Surveys
Business games can be conducted in several major formats:
Group discussion (with distributed or retained roles)
Paired role-playing games (interview with subordinates, talks with business partner, etc.)
Individual analytical presentation
Inbasket (analysis of business correspondence, time and resources planning)
Typically the process is powered by collaborative discussion of the results obtained by experts, study and protection of the final grade. This helps us reduce the subjectivity of the estimates and to achieve a higher quality of the forecasts on their basis