DWG Business Xcelerator
Accelerating Technology Perfection
As a part of international investment and asset management group we create  unique environment led by most successful and experienced business consultants, investors and special guest mentors where you will be able to gain new valuable experience, find new sources for finance and represent brand new ideas and strategy for your business to reveal its full potential. If you’ve already built a profitable, successful company to get ready for the next big phase of international growth, our business community experts will gladly help you identify the most critical steps to take for achieving your next stage of business expansion - predictable, reliable and safe.  Joining our DWG Business Accelerator - a high-growth on line network, you’ll meet and communicate with other liked-minded business owners and experts who have already experienced or are experiencing the successes you’ve achieved and the challenges you are facing.
We exclusively target business endeavours for companies which want to enter their next level of growth phase and have the potential and determination to pursue their efforts on emerging markets, as not every eligible business is ready and suitable for business growth and global expansion. We will help you explore whether your business has the wise ambition, capacity and opportunity to achieve high growth.
DWGroup implements individual approach, with corporate business development package of support focused on the current specific needs of your business. It involves a total commitment of your project time, initial budget tailored to your business priorities, the structure of the workflow, service or product type you produce etc.

DWG Business Acceleration Key Difference & Benefits


DWG Finance Resources Access - corporate project investments as well as providing new ways to source and pitch for other funders, helping your business expand, move into new markets and distibute new products and explore services.


DWG Business Development- develop a more effective business, sales and marketing strategy for improving and driving your operational performance for predictible growth.
DWG Leadership Investment - conducting different types of leadership and management trainings to propel your business into rapid growth
DWG Global Business Community- the social free DWG Business Accelerator fellowship allows you to connect with business leaders, share intelligence and gain insight from global business experts.


DWG Business Xcelerator at Glance



Accelerator that provides 12 months business development programs and does Seed, Early Stage Venture, Equity Crowdfunding, Product Crowdfunding, Private Equity, and Grant Investments


Investment Size:

250k - 1M


Average Equity Taken:

5.0 - 25.0 Percent


Main Sectors:
B2B/Enterprise, Information Technology, Telecommunications, AI, IoT, Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Robotics, E-commerce, 3D Printing &Construction, Electronics, Airspace, Automotive 

Main Regions of Operations:

North America, Western Europe, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific

To apply for ukrainian DWG Business X-celerator Program in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnepr and Odesa:
Teams will need to demonstrate their ability to deliver a working minimum viable product and initial proof of market within 3-6 months with the aim of raising a Series A round of capital within 6-12 months.