DWG Business xcelerator  Ukraine

DWG Business Xcelerator is a featured coworking and business acceleration facility of DWGroup in Kharkiv,  Kiev, Odessa and Dnepr,Ukraine for prospects that pursue and operate on international and emerging ukrainian markets, create new business opportunities for technology startup projects and joint venture stage investments, project fundraising, business plan presentations and multiple crowdsourcing activity to attract professional audience for successful project mass media coverage and implementations.
Our corporate philosophy is to guide and facilitate the successful business deployment, provide stable and predictable growth for native and international companies: top executives and  startup entrepreneurial individuals through an array of business and technology consulting, training and coaching programs, staffing and marketing services. We combine a powerful mixture of business development technologies and resources for startups to mature businesses.  
We work individually with each particular customer project prototype which has successfully passed all the pre selection stages, attracting additional financial resources and experienced expert mentors on demand. Prior to become participant of our acceleration program usually follows a proper evaluation process of investment potential to invite high-tech projects budding for significant growth.


DWG Business Xcelerator Key Strengths
The major advantages for our Customers are:
Mentoring - We work with entrepreneurs and subject matter experts in different areas. This can be technological, financial, legal experts, business consultants etc. We encourage to cooperate successful entrepreneurs, actively carried out educational programs, workshops and coaching.
Education - In addition to mentoring and direct project consulting , we are launching similar programs including workshops, trainings and lectures in related fields. Thus, some newly formed teams can gain the proper knowledge that may be necessary before the initial project phase and for their own business development in the future.
Infrastructure - DWG provides appropriate office space for relevant project work. Team is provided by office equipment, furniture, internet access and other conveniences. Additionally this causes extra local binding effect for staffing purposes: teams need to move on site for the project holding.
Media Support - DWG is a global brand which has strong connections and media influence, thus projects may get press and advertising coverage before getting into fulfillment program.
Prospect Investor Relationships - We initially consider the most competitive, strong and promising projects for possible valuable business partnerships. We provide financial support for start-ups required for entry level of the project program, as well as ensure all the participants gain a good professional conformity and reputation among investors circle during the project pre release stage. Potentially, such relations with investors, which are obtained by the participants of DWG Business Accelerator, increase the chances for attracting the next rounds of investment.
Benefits For Prospect Customer Companies
If your company has a fully independent team that is aimed to create or maintain a product and is currently in need of a natural overseas extension and professional advice on how to effectively bring it to the global market, or how to get positive feedback from first time buyers we would be gladly assist you on this matter. We create business units, speak at technology conferences, advertise concepts, represent and deliver innovative ideas for the broad range of audience : press releases, state officials, prospect investors and regular end customers internationally.
Benefits For Prospect Customer Individuals
If you are looking for a right place to implement your ideas, and do not have enough allies in the team - we would be glad to carry on overall on site business consulting, project management , supervision and logistical set up, full cycle technology, staffing and recruiting support for your success. We grant and award the winners by implementing their projects partnering to the state and world leaders of technology, software and manufacturing industry. DWG experts contribute on a detailed and thorough creation of all technical aspects for project documentation, business plans, marketing and promotion materials required for a successful project presentation.