DWG Charity Foundation

Bringing on a brighter future
DWG provides fully integrated services designed to meet specific philanthropic interests and needs of charities initiatives. We are working collaboratively to help identify a value proposition, establish an agreed strategy, set goals, create partnerships, establish a coordinated plan and achieve measurable results. We interact with corporations and charities, as trusted partner for philanthropic solutions.
We inspired for making positive influence and valuable changes for their day to day operations to explore possibilities for a brighter future and setting up our investment programs for multiple  communities  aimed to bring a spirit of  true virtue and beneficence .
DWG Charity Foundation  currently serves as a powerful shield for childhood and adult intractable diseases prevention. We grant the latest technological researches and inventions for  healthcare industry supporting disaster relief, medical institutions, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers:
DWG additionally provides the following services: 
  • Charitable Fund Development
  • Strategic Alliances and Partnership Brokering
  • Marketing & Advertising Campaign Design, Management and Representation
  • Distribution of Funds
There are several ways you can get involved with us and support our charity initiatives. You could raise the requested amount through your own charity fundraising, set up and make a direct DWG donation for each partucular recipient on our website, or contribute your time through volunteering or joining one of our charity campaigns.

DWG Entertainment Center

Our fundings also dedicated to imaginative and responsible development of  arts and entertainment industry, with a particular focus on supporting emerging talents and excellence. We produce young artists and arts organizations to help them  thrive; develop their professional skills, imagination and creativity.