DWG Coaching & Mentoring Programs
DWG Training Center develops an extensive network of experienced, certified coaches who have been thoroughly evaluated to ensure maximum benefit to the whole DWGroup community participants .
We provide corporate coaching engagements and mentorship for executives, senior managers, middle managers, professional staff, and other key contributors.  DWG executive coaching offers today's business leaders the opportunity to pursue professional development in a confidential and collaborative one-on-one environment. Executive coaching is a learning process that is tailored to an individual's needs.
Our Executive Coaches work both with individuals and teams to enhance professional skills conducting in-depth interviews and trainings, provide support and valuable feedback to individual challenging issues. The long-term benefits to all participants include having a more productive, efficient and engaged workforce.
DWG Mentoring Programs  serves as a powerful tool that can assist in:
- Supporting  career growth
- Solving complex problems
- Improving delegation skills
- Increasing individual and/or staff performance and productivity
- Improving communication, assertiveness and conflict resolution skills
- Assistance with professional creativity and innovation
- Strengthening of organizational and time management skills
- Enhancing networking skills
DWG Team Coaching  helps an existing or newly-formed team achieve desired goals and help with:
- Decision making
- Establishing new teams
- Strategic planning
- Creating a common vision and values framework
- Exploring and leveraging the unique capabilities of team members
- Organizational changes
Most initial executive coaching and mentoring sessions last from two to four hours, with follow-up sessions varying from one-to-two hours. Follow-up coaching can be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the desired results. Coaching can be provided via web, in person, or in a combination of both. Typically coaching engagement begins with an assessment/interview with our program manager to establish an initial framework. We can determine any appropriate length and scope of the relationship.