DWG Corporate profile & Functions

At DWG, we consider cultivation of an effective leadership role as a guide for motivating and producing high quality results through various types of engagements with our partners. This helps us  facing and resolving our customers most challenging business  issues together, staying on the same page with their corporate needs and priorities. We are aimed of fostering  flexible and innovative,  life-long education environment for both our business partners, contract and direct hire employees prospering open communication, sharing business ideas, valuable global technology development practices and experiences.



DWG global Industry & Market positioning

We create market segmentation that usually involves some group of businesses in various  industries and prospects into segments that have common needs or will respond similarly to our marketing strategy in order to be the most effective and efficient business partner for our customers . Each segment will respond to a different marketing mix strategy, with each offering alternate growth and profit opportunities.
DWG Global Markets Presence
DWG Global Markets Presence
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DWG Global Business Focus
DWG Global Business Focus
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DWG Global Customer  by Revenues
DWG Global Customer by Revenues
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DWG Global Industry Focus
DWG Global Industry Focus
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DWG Corporate & Social Responsibility 

We develop global brands, support and value our customers' considerable degree of business autonomy in every respect strongly reinforcing their business, technology operations and monetary resources in accordance to our corporate -wide unified system of management in compliance to world top level practices and standards  in some of all the following :
- Creation of  global  technology brands and custom unified system of business operations with R&D, product development and manufacturing facilities, educational and training, hr, legal, technology and business consulting options within our corporate community;
- Search, evaluation and selection of qualified candidates for global branches and subsidiaries senior executive management;
- Formation of a unified corporate culture and image for business unit operation;
- Develop general corporate purposes and global  investment strategies;
- Design, implement and monitor complex production planning and a system of motivation ;
- Establish a system of communication between the branches and head office , creating an active information feedback system;
- General guidance and advisory support services to subsidiaries personnel.


 Our professional service delivery fundamentals are based on:


- High level of self-organization 
- Premium technical and subject matter expertise
- Creative, insightful thinking and inspiration
- Open-mindedness and a thirst for technology knowledge perfection and professional excellence
- Top quality service delivery and supreme performance
- Customer and result oriented philosophy
- Superior education level and multilingual capabilities
We make a significant impact on forming and preparing brand new and highly qualified professionals empowering strong middle class post-industrial society for solving global challenges.