DWG custom Business Engagements
DWG affiliate companies  can apply several  types of engagement  for corporates looking to establish longer-term business solutions or flexible pool of managed tech operations: joint ventures, (BPaaS), Captive ODC), (Dedicated Resources), BOT/BOOT (Build - Operate - Option- Transfer).  For startups,  we typically  use well proved (BOT/BOOT) hybrid practices where a service provider is to set up, optimize and run IT or other  service delivery option with the contractually stipulated intent of transferring it to the customer company. Following the BOOT guidelines you can also remain global operation unit under further service provider's control reallocating the strategic work on demand . All the customer's requirements for a range of performance targets are usually regulated by well-defined SLA's.(Service Level Agreement) . Additionally a BOOT engagement  will ensure intellectual property is captured and maintained, as the “transfer” of the operation guarantees IP capture and ownership. 
DWG Business Development Programs
We can help you overcome many challenges your company may face at different stages of your business operations and growth phase. Whether it’s developing a growth strategy for the future, building a case for investment and finding new sources of finance, turning your most innovative ideas into profit or providing training to develop a confident leadership team. Our service delivery packages work alongside your actual needs to identify the most appropriate means to achieve productive growth. Each DWG relationships principle allows the client company to focus on their core competencies, while we provide local, tax and cultural knowledge coupled with most of project operations, on-site management and logistics planning, infrastructure, global staffing and marketing support needed to establish full scale operation facility on behalf of customer companies. 
Below you can choose of the 3 most valuable packages which respond to your current business needs, Maturity Level, operation stage and meet all of your specific project requirements, terms and budget.
Startup Package*           
for Businesses with 1-5 years of operations is ultimately developed for companies that lead their startup endeavors, rolling out new service/product and grow their business potential by raising capital, pursuing emerging , most up-and-coming and technology markets:
Attracting the right funding for your business
Finding, winning and growing profitable customers
Developing new products and services

Optimal Package**          

for midmarket Businesses with stable operations index and KPI could be the right solution either for companies on the Startup Package which require a natural business extension or for those who already have a particular business need for a certain type of project. 

Differentiating from the competition
Bringing scale to your business building a high performance team
Retaining and developing customers

Unlimited Package**         

for global Businesses with decades of operations has been developed for multinational corporates joint ventures, R&D , Data and call centers, manufactures and product distribution companies, partnering in international technology development initiaives and state scientific technology programs.

Managing change in order to deliver a high growth strategy
Entering new markets embedding a culture of innovation
Continuing to deliver innovative products and services
** Estimation for investment and the budget, Projet FeaSibility Studies, Complex planning, Infrastructure, Trainings, Business Unit size and talent expetise on a full time contract to hire or direct hire position required and TBD
All the above mentioned cooperation models can significantly reduce and save the agreed budgets to give our customers 100% control of their fund resources to invest for proper business and technology development needs.
 * At the end of a period time, or as defined metrics are achieved, ownership and operation of the accelerated startup subsidiary can be transferred to the customer company or individual in accordance to each particular agreement. Once this transfer may take place, the customer company is able to streamline their tech operation into its own processes, and enjoy the benefits of a thoroughly recruited , trained and experienced team, ready to engage.