DWG Frequently Asked Questions
Below please find the answers to most common questions regarding DWGroup key competences and strategic business vision: 


What does DeltaWeb Consulting do?
As part of diversified technology, investment and asset management holding, we help global (Fortune500) companies and young entrepreneurs create and manage successful  business in Ukraine as well as raise additional capital for further investments in business growth and product development initiatives expanding international markets. Our services within related DWG divisions and facilities usually consist of some of all of the following :
IT & Technology Consulting, IT & General Staffing, Recruitment, HR Consulting, Project Management,
Business plan development and management consulting
Investment Management,Budgeting, financial forecast development and analysis
Investor presentation & pitching 
Go to Market Strategy development
Global Marketing planning,  feasibility studies, research and analysis
Competitor research and analysis
Executive management and general staff coaching, technology trainings, legal support and related advisory services


 How does your typical business consulting process work?


Every custom situation is unique. however, we can point out some  common steps in the following:
Initial discussion to understand your basic needs.
Review your existing materials (draft business plans, project feasibility study, financial forecast data, market research, competitor research, hr & staffing policies  etc.).
Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and fees for the project.
Several in-depth discussions to better understand the details, develop marketing and staffing  strategies, and agree on all major elements of the business plan and financial model.
Conduct additional researches, if needed.
Draft an Investor Presentation and review it with you to ensure that all parties agree on the high-level vision.
Draft the Executive Summary and review it with you to ensure that we all agree on the next level of detail.
Prepare a draft outline of the business plan for your review.
Incorporate your revenue and expense models into the financial model, and explain how it works so that you can take "ownership" of the financials.
Finalize all deliverables.
What happens after you've delivered all the final Business documentation or the operations phase to Customer?


We remain connected to you, at no extra charge, to answer follow-up questions, provide professional advice and make minor changes to the documents we produced for your future business. During post-transfer phase we retain an allocated quota of dedicated resources exclusively for your account to provide on going business consulting, hr and recruiting, training, accounting and legal support for your business facility on a regular basis.
Do you invest in your clients projects?


Yes. We've designed  corporate business acceleration and product development programs for companies  seeking to expand their global presence in the world market and increase their business growth potential. We support high technology startups fostering creative and innovative ideas worldwide.
What makes your business offerings so special in Ukraine and worldwide?


We are delivering unique end to end business and tecnology development solutions designed from scratch till successful phase of operation management, transferring and on going support for the customer at most competitive price in the market and highest quality possible.


How long does your typical business planning engagement last? 

For an average engagement of composing a detailed  business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, the typical time to completion is 2 to 3 months.  However, the actual time may be varied by the quality of your existing drafting materials,your product or service specifics, the level of your participation, the complexity of your market and business models, and our current workload. We outline several major steps required for proper business planning and expansion procedures: requested industry, competitor and market research, go to market strategy development, pitching, executive summary, project budgeting, engagement and financial models, technology and staffing needs.


What is your global professional and qualification level?

DWG strategic mission is a diligent fostering of a life-long educational and professional growth to all our employees regardless their actual expertise level.  Most of our consultants are carefully selected and evaluated by our corporate  management group and have strong entrepreneural abilities and previous leadership role background  to conform their profiling industry expertise and meet  their current position requirements. Each of our internal consulting staff possess at least 15+ years of strong hands on experience with a proven track record of increasing real customer profits. Many have or are currently pursuing their PMPs and MBAs from top and well recognized schools, or even some have PhDs as well as other mandatory certifications in management, technology and scientific areas. 


What are your customer business engagements and project development programs time horizons?

Time horizon usually depends on what particular engagement model is chosen for implementing your project. The most effective engagement model, in turn, will entirely depends on the project type and  market specifics: companies products and services, global business strategy and goals, multiple business risks, availability of extra funding etc.  In general, any project on a tactical CaptiveODC/BOOT engagements requires 2-5 years to achieve the appropriate goals, whereas strategic joint venture engagements usually requires at least 5 to 7 years of operations and more profound market investigation and industry knowledge as well as stable and predictable economic and political situation.

How much Business share will Dwg gain in the customers subsidiary company or accelerated Startup?


Optional. To be discussed. As a rule, after all the defined metrics of a startup project are achieved we can transfer the existing operations to the customer in accordance to a BOOT (Build-Operate-Option-Transfer) option for further post transfer operation phase or implement a buyout clause for the retained business share on demand if the customer would like to have a sole ownership for all business unit operations and/or have successfully attracted additional round of finance for his business.


Can you provide professional business references?

Gladly. We would be pleased to introduce you to our clientele. However, in order to respect a non-disclosure agreements, the time and generosity of our past and existing customers, we could provide references for you as the final step before you sign the engagement letter and cooperation agreement with us.


What team size are you considering for a pilot project?

We believe 5-50 people would be appropriate to start  initial business unit operations or in each particular  team for  startup acceleration program.


How to become A DWg Mentor-Investor?  Can we partner with your group?

For mentorship and project investment opportunities  you can contact us directly or join our on-line DWG Business Accelerator communities on LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Our open partnership programs are focused on the following key priorities:  advance the quality of the mentoring field by building relationships with new and existing mentoring programs and provide capacity building trainings and technical assistance grounded in evidence-based approaches.  Engage a wide variety of public  to increase both the number of mentors / investors as well as resources for the local and international mentoring field and business circles. Expand public support and investment in mentoring through public awareness to prioritize quality youth mentoring and education.


Under what circumstances does it make sense for us to hire your company for Fundraising: VC and Angel financing?
Most of our customers are looking to raise from $500,000 at preseed and early stages to $10-100 million of Series A or Series B funding. Some prospects are looking to raise more to properly coordinate their existing global budgets for further investments in  product/technology development and  business growth opportunities worldwide; others are seeking angel financing of as little as $1000 000 to $ 3 million. We structure the appropriate efforts and facilitate all types of businesses at different stages of their operations to have a real chance of raising extra venture capital. 


Where are you located, and how do you work with clients outside of your local area?

DeltaWeb Consulting and every affiliate companies as part of DWG Holdings have  permanent headquarter representatives at most powerful and prospect global business locations in the North American, European Union, Asia-Pacific, Middle East regions and full scale operations centers in Kharkiv, Kiev, Lviv and Odessa Ukraine. You can reach us on the phone, e-mail, fax, and online meeting tools.  If you'd like to have a closer look at what and how we do, we can schedule an online screen sharing session via GoToMeeting or Join.Me, or in person meetings to discuss multiple business opportunities anywhere in the Americas, European Union, Asia, Middle East regions and Ukraine. We provide  full service assistance to make your trips in Ukraine safe and productive, from picking you up at the airport by a corporate vehicle to suggesting Airbnb service or  booking a comfortable hotel apartment for you ourselves. We arrange prospect business meetings, summits, workshops, lunches, sightseeings, and other valuable actions. Also, If desired, we are available to visit you at your offices, business conferences, summits, job fairs, workshops and other events worldwide for some days at a time.