DWG Global Hiring Policy  
Applying for global job opportunities at DWGroup, you've made your own choice about your future career and personal development as we, in turn, would be glad to reveal your natural capabilities accelerating them into successful professional and further workmanship growth. Therefore we consider partnering with you to be a long-term commitment.  

DWG Staff Qualification & Maturity Level

DWG Global Employee Education Level
DWG Global Employee Education Level
DWG Employee by Age & Experience
DWG Employee by Age & Experience
DWG Retention & Motivation Program
We implement corporate Retention Program for short and long term contractors that is aimed to keep our top employees in partnering with DWGroup, presenting them with our new opportunities before their contract assignments expire.
You are always welcome to participate our retention program once you have worked with DeltaWeb or its subsidiaries  and  received outstanding client management recommendations at the appropriate position.
Our Program currently comes with two main benefits:
- You are automatically placed at the top of the submission list for any current DWGroup openings you are qualified for.
- Your professional profile is being represented to the customer with our  DWG Referred Seal, which comes as a proof for most recommended consultant  based on your previous work with us.


DeltaWeb welcomes challenging opportunities and emphasizes professional attitude and problem solving skills as the key factors to hiring the right candidate.
We are intensively sharing our corporate philosophy and involve the whole professional DWG Business Community experts  in the hiring process, as it helps  increase communication and reduce the time for hiring.


We are bringing up  corporate behavioral techniques to foster true leadership and corporate responsibility, rear the need of persistent educational process that raise and develop creative environment for global technology collaborations.