DWG Individual Development Program
DWGroup encourages and implements  unique strategies and Individual Development Plans (IDP) for our corporate employees to help support and organize their career development and training opportunities fostering further professional growth.
You can learn how to build an IDP based on your greatest strengths and capabilities, address any weaknesses that make it difficult to do your job, and confidently discuss your IDP with your current supervisor or mentor.
Individual Development Program participating in our program , you will be able to:
Understand, leverage, and strengthen your technical and leadership competencies
Identify, clarify, and commit to goals based on your priorities and professional goals
Create and develop strategies for goal achievement
Ensure you make the progress you want on your goals
Make the best out of a recent promotion, change of job, or pending retirement
Conduct self-assessments as needed, and review your current situation
Analyze alternatives and solutions
We can assign an experienced and certified Career Management Coach, who will work closely with you from a holistic perspective taking into account all the aspects of your personal abilities and work preferences to increase valuable engagement as a unique contributor to our community.