DWG Investment Banking solutions

As an investment arm of global diversified asset management holding we support launching of privately-owned and managed investment funds in Ukraine, CEE - CIS regions as well as  other developing countries entering unexplored market segments and industries. We make direct equity investments in brand new global corporates, expanding businesses or emerging market countries, infrastructures and manufactures. We help and partner the largest global investor network to fund emerging economies providing the access to long-term growth capital, qualified management  and financial expertise, which are the essential factors in strengthening economic development and creating new business opportunities and workplaces for people all over the world.

DWG Investment Bank active sectors

Renewable Energy Projects
Transportation Projects
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AeroSpace Projects
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Science & Technology Projects
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Infrastructure Projects
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Healthcare Projects
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DWG Mutual Fund Types offering


The majority of DWG funds are open and closed-end ones with option of selling and buying back fund shares through to initial public offering (IPO), as we are aimed to provide our investors only the most valuable assets and convenient investment opportunities with high rank of multiplied returns.

Global & International Fund  for investment in companies located anywhere in the world, including the investor's own country. These funds usually provide more global opportunities for diversification and act as a hedge against inflation and currency risks


Single-Country Fund  for investment to the assets of one country or ability to allocate its funds only within the range of investment instruments available in the specified country



Prior to creation a fund we typically initiate an investment objective survey which may come in the form of a questionnaire, where the investors will be asked  some of the following things  as:


-Current liquid and net worth 
-Risk aversion 
-Investing time horizon 
-Income levels 
-Expense levels 
-Planned bequeathments and/or charitable contributions 
-Restrictions on security selection

Should the investment opportunity meet our criteria, your team will be invited to present the investment proposal at one of our headquarters offices. Our team will allocate the suitable source of funding at a later stage in the assessment procedure.

Science & Technology Projects

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