DWG Corporate Legal Services 
DWG provides legal corporates foundation in Ukraine, on site management and post-incorporation compliance services on demand for offshore and onshore facilities. We set up and customize these structures to meet the specific personal and business objectives of our clients.
DWG ensures fast and efficient formation and incorporation of all types for the customer company and is able to provide facilities management and administration including wealth protection, international business and market entry, accountancy, tax compliance and full secretarial services to address for all the specific project requirements of the client.
 DWG major advantages for international and domestic Corporates 
- Professional legal advice, formation and management of readymade companies
- Annual compliances
- Provision of directors and nominee shareholders where required
- Accountancy, ukrainian tax compliance and bookkeeping
- Company secretary
- Provision of a registered office where required
- Bank account services
- Trade and treasury services
- Payroll and outsourcing services
We are always focusing on deep understanding and thorough business assess to customize and implement a structure that is best suited to meet our clients' goals while maximizing all available benefits. Our advisors are experienced to provide solutions that capitalize on jurisdictional advantages and frameworks.