DWG Marketing Planning Solutions
Our marketing planning includes identifying all the potential areas for creating business opportunities, market and audience segments, product line analysis and services roadmap, financial planning, competitive analysis and a project implementation plan. This serves as a detailed guide for the project planning and supervision of all marketing activities. DeltaWeb Consulting team covers full scale market analysis and research function for our customers to have confidence and total understanding of the current market situation which goes prior any successful project implementation.
DWG Global Marketing Analysis
Industry Analysis DeltaWeb can help you determine  your key industry segment place  in terms of project specifics, revenues and numbers of main players in the market. We thoroughly identify specific technological, cultural and demographics trends in the market exploring all the industry and media sources to refresh or develop brand new tendencies  and keep them up.
Competitive Analysis  We assist you know your competitors environment better, as this part of our marketing solution includes an analysis of your key competitors and how they market their services/products, how they differentiate themselves in their marketing efforts, and what kind of market share they possess. We can facilitate you with competitive intelligence for both national and international companies.
Target Market Analysis We can identify and prioritize specific target markets for your company service delivery or product development and assist you on the key questions on demographics and psychographics of your potential target audiences and how we can reach them the best way possible. Exploring all kinds of concerns they may have and how they like to be marketed.
DWG Marketing Research
Client Prospecting Our specialists can create and develop a list of potential qualified prospects for your services or product  which is extremely important at all stages of your business operations and especially when you're launching your startup or rolling out a new service. However, this must be considered as a follow up procedure of your main target market analysis so we can hit the ground running.
Website Research Each corporate website  often means providing its audience with the most necessary and up to date information or resources that are useful to them. Deltaweb can help you carefully select  and regularly maintain these resources to identify authoritative, well checked and robust online sources for your specific target markets.
Grant & Funding Research Many technology startup and other existing companies are looking for extra funding from a variety of sources. We can assist in searching for private and government grants, international contracts as well as help you to identify other potential resources.