DWG Motors 

DWG Motors is the most innovative and dynamic global ukrainian automotive brand, concept design studio and full cycle manufacturing facilities mainly focusing on hybrid, hydrogen & electric vehicles, machines, equipment & production lines around the world. Our major area of expertise includes Sedans/SUVs/Trucks/Vans, specific automotive and industrial equipment covering full scale  logistics and  global dealership distribution network.
DWG Concept vehicle Design Studio
Automated Production Lines & Testing
Concept Drafting
Concept 3D Modeling
Concept Interior Design
Concept Exterior Design
Concept mock-up design
Mock-up finalize and approvement
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Logistics & Global Distribution Chain
Metal Stamp & Press Production
Robot Welding
Anti-rust coats
Engine Production &Final Assembly
Test Center
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2010 - present

2010 - present

IoT oriented ODM & OEM
Car Body Warehousing
Component parts storage
Logistics Center
Shipment & products delivery
Global dealership network
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At DWG Motors we implement only premium technology standards at reasonable and affordable conditions for mass customer lineups fostering nextgen innovation and mobility level of the future.
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