DWG Operations Support Services
DWG has a professional team of experts in house or can form extra dedicated resources to providing accounting & taxation compliance services to our clients and assist in the process of meeting statutory audit requirements. Our services extend to companies engaged in software development, manufacturing, marketing, trading and other multiple sectors.
DeltaWeb can also assist customers in opening their corporate bank accounts in Ukraine as we have established relationships with local and international banks to facilitate client applications, depending on their specific needs.
dwG Accounting and Audit Related Services
Monthly / quarterly / annual accounts for management purposes or for periodic reporting to shareholders
Bookkeeping and payments account maintenance
Payroll processing
Arranging audit, audit liaison and accounts finalization
DWG Taxation Compliance Services
Tax preparation and filing company tax returns
Tax preparation and filing employer returns
Individual and Corporate tax returns
Liasing with the relevant local authority and assisting with follow up enquiries
DWG Bank Account Management Services 
- Bank account signatory services for customer accounts to facilitate payments, transfers and other transactions
- Remittance monitoring
- Bank account records maintenance
- Liaison with banks when required
Accounts can be opened or maintained via traditional methods (written, fax instructions) as well as electronically via the internet.