DWG Business Unit Project Budgeting
Every company has different project definitions based on their corporate values, financial plans, goals and management supervision insights. Typically we stick to a standard corporate or customer 3-5 years general plan while forming each specific business unit budget and overall policy along with detailed market and competitive analysis that may slightly vary depending on each particular situation.Therefore we can develop the most efficient and unique global operations and business unit strategy on demand that makes our customers business successful. 
According to DWG corporate mission, all of our business operations should help the customer make their budget resources run more effectively. We believe that the key essential to overall success is a balanced corporate structure, technology and staffing project definition along with sensible budgeting policy. Such alignment is usually required to have a hard answer for sudden conflicts and skirmishes that may arise from changing priorities, crises, scope creep and staff fatigue during the whole project lifecycle.
Customer Business Unit Foundation Process


We insist on each  business unit project has a detailed definition revised with the customer management team that meets all the specific  requirements and sticks to their particular  business need in the following:


Create a project plan based on the initial budget,  local market, competitive and risk analysis, team size, total scope of work, technology infrastructure, staffing needs,  etc.


Suggest on using corporate or customer integrated ERP, project management and applicant tracking software tools: that help plan, schedule, organize, and manage resource pools and develop estimates to apply for various projects tasks and as well as track daily workflow processes and timing. These inventory web or desktop applications could also serve as an assistant to keep the existing data of employees profiles, staff certifications, trainings, etc updated.


Infrastructure & Staffing Budgeting Principles


Guided the project process foundation, we highlight 3 fundamentals of a successful custom business unit operation based on: the existing budget, current skills (capabilities) and the outside resources potential.
First of all, we consider our current  tech skills, staff and availability over the certain period of time initiating outside resource costs and project hardware / software costs planning to discuss with the customer the level of requirements, functionality and fair terms of fulfillment that can be expected.  If the project has a well-defined  requirements, functionality and budget, we will be able to determine on how long the project will take based on the current and supposed staff skills and availability. If the budget is not sufficient to get outside resources, we are keeping posted our partners that  project may take longer than he or she expects.  Perhaps more money or less requirements are needed.
We consider the above mentioned statements as critical for proper technology process operations, as these significantly reduce the project start time and save our customers monetary resources by  overcoming the major difficult tasks in rolling out the new project efforts. 
Additionally, this can significantly help to keep the right team in place for the whole duration of the project.


Budgeting in a rapidly changing environment


Global business challenges always require adequate management responses.


Either your budget belt should be tighten or you have additional resources to add some fuel to the fire.
Each situational changes which may get out of your control and test your ability to recruit and develop projects is the place where most top managers often get into operational trouble. If you are experiencing the most typical risky influence such as :


- Current project is growing fast or pressing demand for new opportunities
- An economic stagnation or crisis (business process optimization, downsizing, staff rotation)
- Staff changes (leave or long term absence)
- Customer project "preference"


We would naturally recommend of reconsidering the budget  for most appropriate purposes to avoid ineffective investments.
When the situation is more predictable, we are honestly emphasizing on sometime additional and outside budgeting need for experienced consulting service if this brings:


- Strong experience and top expertise level in performing the task or specialized skill set required
- Specific Advisory and Management role capacity
- Backfill for staffing shortfalls for hard-to find openings
- Extra Technology and Knowledge transfer is needed
DWGroup treasuring true partnership relationships with our customers and we  are convinced that  following these few simple steps, will help us monitor those changes  to optimize the business processes by most valuable  solutions. 


This will eventually prevent our clients from undue risks and  facilitate their business growth potential to be better armed for making wise decisions.