DWG Prospect Customer Program

Most companies are experiencing a natural uncertainty to operate in emerging international and ukrainian markets due to the unfamiliar conditions, legal, tax mismatches and culture differences.  DWG can deliver professional solution, valuable advice and competence for solving the most complex business issues in Ukraine and further developing and developed markets.
We provide local expertise fostering smooth customers business deployment  increasing their competitiveness and profitability by taking advantage of Ukraine's better hand - comparatively inexpensive labor force, vast resources, and a large consumer market.
DWG corporate facilities assist  prospects in project feasibility study which evaluates the attractiveness of a new business unit or full scale subsidiary foundation and answer the question: “does an idea make economic and profitable sense?”
Our program also analyses the possibilities for attracting additional financing for further project implementation and its potential growth. Therefore, thorough feasibility study  is usually undertaken and goes prior to creation of a business plan. Timely and professionally conducted project analysis would support capital allocation decisions and help avoiding false opportunities in many cases. 
Project Feasibility Study typically consists of the following elements:
- Market Specifics
- Project Entity 
- Business and Financial models
- Technologies and Staff Qualifications
- Organization Type
- Management Level
 -Availability of financing
We are convinced that a  well-timed evaluation of investment attractiveness allows shareholders and executives to gain thorough understanding of strengths and weaknesses of the business opportunities, as well as associated risks and threats, as perceived by our prospect customers  and investors. Such understanding would lead to an evaluation of readiness and right timing, as well as undertaking proper actions that would result in increasing investment attractiveness before starting any business process.