DWG Global R&D Centers management  

DWG R&D, software and product development centers consist of an offshore / nearshore assembled pool of technology staff and software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client’s team.  We offer the best for both parties solution - the benefits of one’s own teams without difficulties of managing  their day to day business operations,hr management,  staff trainings,mentoring as well as solving other related business issues. On the side, this type of cooperation enables our customers to scale up their teams, in terms of a certain quantity of specialists, as well as their professional  expertise and skill set required to complete projects with different level of complexity. 
DWG Research & Development Center Benefits
- Quality Processes: We can develop and implement any existing world class business standards or methodologies on demand that operates to the highest possible software development quality and business processes. This ensures a minimum bug rate and rework. 
- Infrastructure: DWG can provide and guarantee the latest system and network infrastructure which is essential for any successful development process implementation and reduce project start time. 
- Skill Sets:  We have an access to a diversified pool of highly skilled IT professionals and related subject matter experts for our customers to select the most valuable specialists required to create and build their own teams for 100% dedicated software and product development environment
- Better Value For Money Ratio: Our competitive cost structure enables you to achieve more with your IT and research budgets. 
- Faster Development Advantage: Time zone difference can be utilized as an advantage to  speed up development time. 
- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Prospect: Significant cost savings on infrastructure and manpower cost comparatively to clients' home country. Also there is a substantial cost and time saving for the long gestation period determined, that will require for setting up  client company nearshore / offshore subsidiary.
- Resource Advantage: Ramp up or downsize resources at relative short notice. Resource sharing between projects leading to optimal resource utilization. Certification and trainings for identified resources.


DWG Research & Development Center Focus 
Business Analysis
Prototyping & Digital Engineering
Web Design & Development
Mobile Development
Microsoft .Net Platform  Development
JAVA OpenSource Development
System Integration&Administration
CMS programming
QA Engineering and Testing
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WHat we do to make your business successful

- Overall planning, management and completion of IT projects on a wide variety of business units and programs
- Working with appropriate customers to identify and coordinate new IT system developments and/or enhancements
- Interacting with customers to develop project scope of work documents and project plans that include an analysis of benefit, cost, work schedule and any related risks
- Define project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases, and elements; forming project team; establishing project budget
- Design new computer programs by analyzing requirements; constructing workflow charts and diagrams; studying system capabilities; writing specifications
- Develop software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development lifecycle
- Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code
- Prepare and install solutions by determining and designing system specifications, standards, and programming
- Monitor project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions
- Preparing technical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trend
- Identify, track, monitor and communicate project-related issues, scope changes, variances and contingencies that may arise during the implementation of IT projects. Facilitate amicable solutions with the appropriate customer
- Identify the technical approach to be used on a given IT project and manage the system development process including the development of a strategic plan, systems analysis, technical design, coding, testing and acceptance of an IT system and/or application
- Assign, schedule, train, review, and monitor project work to ensure that progress is within expected guidelines and is completed on time and within budget
- Ensuring effective communications and relationships between customers and project team members are maintained, duties may require 24 hour, 7 days per week on-call responsibility for project support
Microsoft .Net Platform  Development