DWG Invention Science & Technology Labs  

DWG provides fully-equipped workspace, test labs for  gifted inventors and global manufacturing innovators with access to national plants and world's best qualified scientific technology staff and production sites in Ukraine.  Our technology labs and hi-tech production facilities are mainly focusing on researching and developing ideas  that have a working unique hi-tech product prototype in the consumer hardware, manufacture equipment, avionics,artificial intelligence, IoT, telecommunications, aerospace, biotech and robotics sectors. We consider teams and existing low-income or unprofitable enterprises with hardware and manufacture prototypes and turn them into sustainable profit-making international and global ukranian production companies.

DWG Invention Labs & Production Solutions

Concept Aircraft Engineering
Embedded & CPS Engineering
Vehicle engine control & Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems
Automotive Platform Engineering
Concept Design & Development, Automotive Platform Engineering, Nextgen Engine& Systems, Hybrid & Hydrogen Vehicles
Space Systems & Engines
Space Exploration Systems, Manufacturing Design,Aerospace components, Engines, Equipment & Materials
Quantum Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence,Consumer electronics with a software ecosystem
4IR Manufacturing Automation
Manufactured Gadgets & System modeling & production, IoT production infrastructure development
Bionics & Robotics
Healthcare & Manufacturing concepts development & production
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DWG Invention Labs Key Strengths & Benefits

Concept Seed Investment Providing initial funding for you to develop your business concept  and build well enough of a demo version, prototype or beta product, in order to launch your project on a crowdfunding campaign or generate first time revenue from a test production line. That’s up to $1000,000 in general per company and following production facility.

Technology Mentoring Providing in-house international manufacturing and engineering expertise to assist you on the hardware  and manufacturing side of your project including various permits, manufacturing equipment and raw materials.

Business Consulting Helping you create your company business model, market positioning, branding and product design (DFM) all the way through launch and manufacturing 

MassMedia & Global Network Connecting you with potential  strategic partners, as well as advisors and press.

Investor Relationships Introducing you to world-class investors,executives and alumni who have expertise in starting production companies, developing innovative consumer products, and creatively marketing those products to millions of consumers worldwide. 

4IR Manufacturing Automation

Manufactured Gadgets & System modeling & production, IoT production infrastructure development