DWG Data Security Policy & Procedures

DWGroup  pays close attention to customer data security policy and their professional information confidentiality as we  consider this point is one of the most  critical areas for any reliable business partnership basis.
We use industry most effective  security measures to protect against the data loss and unauthorized use of information within our control in the following:
All the system passwords are only stored in an encrypted form therefore not retrievable by us or any other third party. (In case you need a new password we will generate and send you one that you can subsequently change).
For each customer we create a secured office environment with personal card access and 24 X 7 monitoring, surveillance and support to prevent unauthorized access and provide reliable data security.


Advanced security measures including network firewalls, security guards, software updating, antivirus protection, regular backups, staff instruction etc are taken to ensure the continued service and protection of your data.
We implement the process of notifying our partners before publicly releasing information which is an industry-standard best practice known as responsible disclosure. It allows us to keep our clients safe by fixing vulnerabilities and resolving security concerns before they are brought to the attention of any possible scofflaw, intellectual property violators etc.
DeltaWeb strongly encourages in reporting security issues to observe the simple courtesies and protocols of responsible disclosure.