DWG Staffing & recruiting Process  

DWG HR & Staffing Assessment Center  provides both active and proactive approaches of searching, qualifying, interviewing and hiring the top candidates for the customer business needs. The former approach is often used when the position is open and all the  requirements and qualification level  to an applicant is clear and determined within an agreed term and budget. The latter is naturally used when it's required to have a choice of pre selected candidates with some additional skills, behaviors and expertise level that will be especially valuable and successful for customer environment. We use and develop state-of-the-art psychometric tests and tools to assess candidates. Our efforts are backed by an independent scientific consultancy board composed of university professors and academic researchers. These alliances allows us to share knowledge and continually evaluate our corporate talent management systems and tools to verify their accuracy.
DWGroup can develop from scratch, replicate and deliver a single part or the whole customer's  product development and service delivery chain with related business operations on demand implementing our corporate end- to end staffing delivery concept taking into account each particular project type, market specifics, level of complexity, personnel expertise and qualification level: 

DWG custom Recruiting Strategy

We outline 4 major interconnected steps required for successful and efficient staffing  processes on demand and  develop unique, scalable and interchangeable engagements to provide end to end staffing delivery concept for companies with different formation grade, corporate culture and industry type :


Customer Budget & Time


Thorough budgeting estimation and timing policy give extra valuable opportunities and additional resource options for proper recruiting activity.

Availability of diversified Resources


As much of the decision will depend on the unique recruiting approach for each particular customer which dictates budget, timing and other variables. We recommend to create a detailed candidate profile and offer multiple resources for targeting the right employee. 


Staff augmentation Balance


Strategic investment for educational and related staffing development purposes should be equal to attracting extra outside resources.


Business Presence & Motivation 


We suggest on performing regular market analysis of current employment situation, stress on a compensation plan for required skills and cultivating company reputation.
DWGroup contribute on adopting  the new concept vision about the whole recruiting and hiring processes that can also provide the edge necessary influence to get the best employees, faster and for less money. We consider employees recruitment process is one of the most critical aspects of running any successful business, that's why we do not intend to fill the position by all means, we care about the business and always work for a  prospect following the guideline of our corporate recruiting strategy.