DWG Strategic & Tactical Planning 
DWGroup considers  strategic planning process as an extremely important executive function for our customers success. Such  planning creates accountability for measurable and predictable business growth and goal achievements, keep up the strength in front of  multiple business issues and challenges.
Here are the following specific procedures we offer:
Strategic Plan Development  DeltaWeb helps you define your company strong competitive position in the market and set up strategic priorities to turn them into achievable implementation plans with real budgets for responsible project executives. We provide comprehensive handling of organizational, personnel and cultural issues as well as strategic learning to develop brand new and innovative business models.
SWOT Analysis  We facilitate the discovery of your company's strengths, weakness, and the opportunities to exceed goals set in the strategic plan and threats to avoid.
Annual Budget Development We will work with you to develop an annual budget in spreadsheet form that can be used to project your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow for the next 12 months and compare actual results with plan.
A proper strategy work always requires a consistent analysis of markets, environmental developments, core competencies of key staffing and strategic options. We assist in creating an actionable plan to be used for every day decision making, to align the efforts of your existing workforce, reinforce the culture of the organization, share management's views, define long term and short term goals. 
We set clear, measurable milestones that make real progress, and determine metrics that can be used on a daily basis to measure short term success.