DWG Training & Certification Center
DWG Training Center is created to help employees and customers advance their professional and career level through job-related development programs partnering to the entrepreneurial education and  state scientific technology institutions. The main purpose of a corporate training and development assistance is to ensure the achievement of DWG strategic objectives and business acceleration priorities by developing employee skills and capabilities through corporate-wide and division specific programs that address to current and future business needs —providing a consistent employee experience.

DWGroup can also provide an assistance for customers and employees on industry enforced certifications and implementation of CMMI and ISO standards  which are mandatory elements to ensure process maturity and quality level for most types of cooperations.

Our Training Center can offer multiple services to fulfill the developmental needs of a corporate group. We can set up an individual consultation session with one of our Program Managers for employees, managers, or supervisors to identify your group needs and design trainings tailored to address those needs.
Customized Training and Development Sessions
People Management and HRM
- Teambuilding
- Team Workshop/ Individual Assessments
- Organizational Strategic Planning/Leadership Retreats
- Interpersonal Skills-Developing Effective Relationships
- Minimizing Stress at Work/Creating Work/Life balance
- Resolving Conflicts
Customer Service Skills and Techniques
- Critical Thinking for Problem Solving/Decision-making
- Marketing & Sales, Negotiation Skills
- Increasing Individual Productivity/Time Management
- Media Training
- Accounting and Budgeting
- Financial Management
Corporate Technology Mandatory Trainings 
Project Management - Project Management skills and certification training for current or future managers to direct and supervise projects successfully by gaining essential project management skills. (Risk Management , Change Management and further disciplines), core tools for successful PMP exam preparation ,software development methodologies.
PC Support – Entry level IT skills and certification training for PC Technicians, Field Service Technicians, Help Desk Support and Customer Support Personnel. 
Network Administration – Network skills and certification training for Network Technicians, Network Engineers, Network Administrators, IT Managers, CIO’s and CTO’s.
Security – Information systems security skills and certification training for Security Specialists, Network Security Engineers, Network Security Managers and CSO’s.
Web Design and Development – Website design and development skills and certification training for Website Designers, Web Developers, Multimedia Specialists, Creative Directors and Web Masters.
Database Administration – Database skills and certification training for Data Analysts, Data Technicians, SQL Programmers, Database Administrators, Database Managers and Enterprise Architects.
Programming - Various program language skills and certification training for Software Developers, Programmers, Software Designers, Application Developers, Gaming Programmers, Java developers, and Director’s of Software Development.
QA and Software Testing - SQA skills in manual and automated tools, QA types, levels and certification training for Software Quality Assurance Engineers, Testers, QA Leads, IT Directors