DWG Global Virtual Office management  

DWG provides both offsite&onsite call center and customer support services for startups to profitable business owners.  An offsite call center service is typically based in a separate location from the business they are answering phone calls for. An onsite call center service is naturally in the same building as the business they are answering calls for. Both call center service types are popular. The type of call center service will all depend on the business in question and their needs. If you only need a few individuals answering your business calls then it is likely you will have an onsite call center service. Offsite call center services are usually used when a large number of call center service representatives are needed.
DWG Call Center & Custom service Valuable Benefits
- 24/7 multilingual call center  representatives are located in different parts of the world and in different time zones
- Increase the number and types of clients that you get globally
- Clients will be able to speak to a person the first time that they call
- Increase customer satisfaction and improve your business profits if your business relies on the purchases of a service or product
We will be glad to facilitate  business owners in developing their own call center service. This would mean that you would have a set of consultants who only answer phones, process purchases, or schedule appointments. Having a call center service worker complete other activities would essentially turn them into a secretary. You can also have the option of developing a contract with an existing call center service . 
The above mentioned call center service benefits are just a few of the many. All businesses are likely to benefit from a call center service, but some more than others. If your clients are expanding faster than your business can, you may find that a call center service is a professional solution to the problem.


DWG Virtual Office & CAll Center focus 

Inbound & Outbound Calls Processing
B2B&B2C Product Sales Promotion
Marketing Campaigns&Leads Gen
Hotlines & Customer Inquiries
Orders Reception
Technical Support Service
Marketing & Public Opinion Polls
Customer Loyalty Support Programs
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WHat we do to make your business successful
- Implementing sales, business development, marketing techniques and networking in order to attract business from client companies
- Handling customer inquiries both telephonically and by email, research required information using available resources
- Manage and resolve customer complaints, provide customers with product and service information
- Enter new customer information into system
- Update existing customer information
- Process orders, forms and applications, identify and escalate priority issues
- Route calls to appropriate resource
- Follow up customer calls where necessary, document all call information according to standard operating procedures
- Complete call logs , produce call reports
- Contact businesses or private individuals by phone or email, describe products and services
- Build your potential customers database and obtain possible customer leads
- Maintain customer/potential customer data bases, follow up on initial contacts
- Complete records of telephonic interactions, orders and accounts
- Client tech support via email and web-chat