Kharkiv city business infrastructure

Kharkiv is one of the most powerful scientific and technology development hubs  of Eurasia. The City possess a wonderful industrial and educational infrastructure which gives  ultimate advantages for rapidly growing and global manufacturing companies from the North  and South America, Western and Central Europe and Asia-Pacific regions to scale up their business for high-quality and innovative solution and product development. In 2018  Financial Times ranked Kharkiv 1 out of Top 40 european cities  in effective urban  management and investment potential.
Kharkiv in Tech Ecosystem of Ukraine
Nowadays, the Kharkiv region covers about 40% of all ukrainian market in tech industry which is approximately estimated around $6,5 billion in total and generally splits the market into four main sectors that employ about 50,000 engineers across 500 firms. The first most developed sector is project based outsourcing, then comes a relatively small but promising contingent of global R&D centers set up by world tech leaders. The third major area is e-commerce and online shopping which benefits for traditional retail industry. The fourth most prospective and undeveloped sector belongs to native software development firms who design, build and market their own products for the global market.
Industrial enterprises - 380+
Higher education institutions - 92
IT higher education institutions - 20
R&D Centers - 145
Local IT market suppliers   -  70+
Automated enterprise solutions providers - 20+
Offshore outsourcers - 25+
IT graduates enter Ukraine’s labor market each year - 20,000


The Glimpse of Kharkiv REgion