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DWG Smart City Initiative | National Infrastructure Project

DWGroup is proud to announce its national technology infrastructure project and welcome international and domestic corporations, scientific-technology, educational institutions, private investors, small,midmaket businesses and individuals to join our initiative and become permanent "residents" of the Ukrainian Dream City.

DWG Smart Cities will be located in most economically developed regions of Ukraine and include several "subdivisions" specializing in different areas. The Smart City project aimed to be highly modern business complex consists of unique technology innovation hubs and ecoparks created to encourage nextgen lifeware, science and technology companies in Ukraine. The City will also feature office buildings with global companies headquarters, conference halls and event facilities, laboratories, fitness centers, stores, cinema and entertainment zones with efficient and logistically optimized layout for transport, means of communication and security measures.

Ballpark project estimate 750M-2,5B$ per single location

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