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DWG initiates Global Venture Capital & Private Equity funds creation in Ukraine.

As global diversified investment group we provide support for the creation of privately-owned and managed investment funds in Ukraine, as well as to sponsor other developing countries entering an unproven market and industry.

Therefore DWG is pleased to announce and welcome global and domestic corporations, financial and banking institutions, scientific-technology conglomerates, international private investors and asset managers to join our initiative.

Our aim at investing and creating independent investment management teams that raise funds from a wide range of global investors to provide risk capital for growing SMEs and infrastructure development projects in Ukraine - stated Anton Chepurda DWG Founder & Chairman

In order to process and discuss your proposals in a timely manner, we kindly request that you submit a comprehensive concept paper and/or draft private placement memorandum, specifying the details below: - Management team (skillset & expertise) - Investment strategy: - Track record (current portfolio,KPI) - Target market (sectors) and main specialty - Deal flow (exits, aquisitions etc) - Geographical scope (EU, Americas, AsiaPacific) - Fund size in M - Legal structure (entity & state origin) - Proposed terms of investment (fund structure, shares allotment etc) - Expected returns (%) - Other co-investors (partners) - Timing of fund raising

Should investment opportunity meet our criteria, your representatives will be invited to present the investment proposal at one of our headquarters offices. Our team will be ready allocate the suitable resources and funding at a later stage in the assessment procedure.

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