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DWG launches Post-Industrial Alliance for strengthening innovation economy,making post-industrial so

Post-Industrial Alliance of Ukraine is a non government scientific organisation and labor union of creative individuals, investors, business owners, banking and IT specialists, scientists and technology engineers for creating postindustrial society, innovation economy and 4IR in Ukraine. ​The main distinguishing feature and purpose of the Alliance is aimed at fostering global competitive sectors of innovation economy in Ukraine with high technologies and venture business achieving highest productivity level, global manufacturing standards and quality of life for native specialists. ​We make our top priority for investments in human intellectual capital, modern infrastructure and innovations utilizing science, knowledge intensive industries and energy saving technologies as the core of our competence. The Alliance provides a wide range of scientific researches in the frame of national industrial parks and laboratories by studying of AI and Quantum Computing and implementing related cyber-phisical systems: smart cities,transportation and telecommunications, Cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things; biotechnology, microelectronics and robotics ,industrial 3D modeling and printing with subsequent transferring and re equipment of all domestic corporates, automotive, aerospace enterprises and the rest of high technology manufactures in the accordance to the requirements of ne4t level industrial standards.

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