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Ukraine - Overwhelming potential as Global R&D Superpower. (DWG Official Statement)

One of Largest & Unrevealed R&D Potential in EuroAsian Continent

Protracted period of dramatic social events, political collisions and inefficient government management with wrong priorities of the past 20 years put Ukraine to the edge of making the ultimate decision and awareness of its own place and role in this world. Many experts stress the country lacks enourmous amount of funding to keep up with global leaders now to remain competitive in sectors shaped by technology. Otherwise, agriculture with low value added goods production and green energy projects are the best offer Ukraine could make to the global audience and habitual commodities trading,constant debentures and population migration are all the future prospects for the largest state in Europe. But is that really true? According to various reasons, preliminary estimates and without taking into account other sources of finance starting mid 90s till present, more then $150B were transferred from Ukraine to offshore jurisdictions, which equals to one average ukrainian GDP and results in annual offshore losses of $ 10-12B for Ukraine. Typically, it usually accompanied with traditional corruption component to legally reduce tax burden and pathological thirst for one day profit at any cost in most instancies, or when businesses are forced to use offshore companies to downsize risks of additional government and 3rd parties pressure, simplify judicial protection of its interests to obtain guarantees in some rare cases. Both situations are horrible for the economy growth and eventually lead to its incredible decrease and dependence from external lenders for the State with harmful effects for perspective business areas in the whole industries, professional communities,local budgets and the most importantly for People who are always paying all debts. As we can see, the figures and facts speak for themselves and Call For decisive Actions towards final setting up of transparent but strict and equal for all business regulations, favorable fiscal, judicial system and other competitive conditions for any type of corporates operating in Ukraine that will forcibly drive the return of major domestic capital to the country,increase foreign direct investment and affordable loans for national and global manufacturers for related infrastructure projects development.

Global R&D budgeting by countries and corporates.

Global spending on R&D has reached a record of almost US$ 1.8 trillion across all sectors. Let's analyse and get through the simple examples to see the clear picture.

USA still hold the leading position in R&D spending by technology, pharma industry, telco, healthcare and industrial companies. ($581B in total) Only US military sector is considered to be the world’s largest investor on Research & Development spending more than US$100 billion on innovations. This is more than Amazon(22.6B), Alphabet(16.2B), Volkswagen(15.7B), Samsung(15.3B), Microsoft(14.7B),APPLE (11.5B), Toyota(10B), Intel (13B),Daimler (10B), AIRBUS (3.3B), Hyundai (2.2B) and Huawei(13.6B) combined.

China is chasing for leadership declared its Made in China 2025 -industrial plan to dominate high-tech industries including robotics, aerospace and computer chips as well investing the most in R&D on construction ($519B in total)

Japan spends the most on R&D in electronics, household appliances and chemicals. ($193B in total)

Germany spends the most on Automotive and Industrial technologies.($123B in total)

South Korea, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland also show excellent dynamics as of 3.3 to 4.6% of their GDP spent on R&D.

Combined, these countries make up 78% of the 2018-19 R&D spend, out of a total list of top 30 countries with at least 1 company in the Top 500. As part of the Sustainable Development Goals initiative (SDGs), all the participants have pledged to substantially increase public and private R&D spending as well as the number of researchers by 2030.

Global Brands Development & Innovation Economy as Top Preference for Ukraine.

Is Ukraine capable to build multinational corporations and world class products? Undoubtedly, hope you still keep in mind around $150B or even half of it ($75B) potentially available for R&D purposes along with highly competitive market, industrial capacity and history of innovation and product development.

To overcome the deep economic crisis and considerable outflow of intelligent labor force, Ukraine must immediately increase significant investment in human intellectual capital, modern infrastructure and innovations utilizing science, knowledge intensive industries and energy saving technologies as the core of its competence to start exporting primarily high value-added products instead of raw materials following by commodity economy model. This effort encourages a wide range of R&Ds for the national and private technology centers,companies, innovation parks and laboratories in the frame of specific industrial and economic zones allocating at least 3-3,5% of our GDP spent on R&D unlike recent 0,4%.

As the technology world evolves much faster nowadays then ever before, traditional IT outsourcing/outstaffing business in Ukraine will be transforming rapidly and may cause to considerable reduction of existing programming specialties and related workplaces within less a decade. That's why our national top priority today should be deep studying of AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing implementing related cyber-physical systems; Big Data, the Internet of Things; microelectronics and robotics with subsequent transferring and re equipment of most domestic enterprises and the rest of high technology manufacturers in accordance to the requirements of industry 4.0 standards.

We are cautious optimists and look forward to seeing the brighter moments in the near future where our Presidents will be communicating to the Nation using mainly original hi-tech products from automotive, electronics and aerospace industries designed and made in Ukraine as investment in R&D is highly influenced and strengthen country's economic power, as well as the importance that government and people place on science and researches.

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