Why Ukraine 

Making Ukrainian Brand a Global Brand
Ukraine is one of the largest and best educated countries in EuroAsian continent, with an excellent geography location, transportation and logistics network, vast majority of highly talented professionals, base of technology development and infrastructure frames. Today Ukraine is considered as most promising CEE emerging market and investment attractive state of Eurasia for  successful EU standards, e-government and e-procurement systems implementation including vastly increased budgets and funds for infrastructure development and unprecedented finance flow decentralization of the past years.Therefore our main corporate facilities are currently represented in major cities  of Ukraine due to their most powerful urban, social and economic development, industrial and educational potential with population over million people.
DWG TOP 20 Facts About UKraine
Most Promising Strategic technology & Innovation Hub of the world
- Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with actual population of 42 million people and strong geographical, historical proximity and mental similarity to european values
- Ukraine is #1 Europe science, technology and R&D location and one of the most attractive nearshore destinations for west european and UK companies and offshoring destination for north american, middle east and asia-pacific businesses expecting to reach 200K highly skilled programmers by 2020
- Near 25% of all global innovation projects  implementations originally comes from Ukraine
- Associate membership of the European Union and NATO (TOP 25 Strongest Military Forces as of 2018)
- Ukraine ranks in TOP 30 Visa Free countries rating
- Ukraine ranks in TOP 45 Most Innovative Economies of the World
- About 75% of adult Ukrainians have a secondary or higher education. The number of people with higher education has grown by 40% in the last 12 years
- Ukraine is among TOP 5 countries with the most certified IT professionals following United States and Russia; ranks #1  in the number of C++ and Unity3D developers, and #2 in the number of JavaScript, Scala, and Magento engineers worldwide.
- Ukraine stands among TOP 5 world leaders in space exploration along with the USA, France, Russia and China as well as designer and manufacturer of world's largest aircraft ever built Antonov 225 "Mriya".
- Ukraine was ranked 8th in Gaming Industry’s TOP 10 European Countries by The Global Gaming Industry Network in 2009
- Ukraine has joined the list of TOP 10 Outsourcing Destinations since 2007 by Gartner, world’s leading research organization; In 2017, 15 of ukrainian companies made it to the list of 100 best product development and outsourcing service providers in the world.
- Ukraine’s IT sector has exploded over the last 10 years to top $4bn in 2015 and expecting to beat $10bn by 2024, capitalising on the strong science schools, technology and manufacturing potential and world famous ukrainian scientists  inheritence
- Ukraine has been recognized by international experts as the Europe Top destination for IT product development and business process outsourcing and won the nomination “Outsourcing Destination of the Year” in the frames of European Outsourcing Excellence Awards in 2011
Kharkiv as most influential financial & industrial center of CEE
Kharkiv is a second largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv with actual permanent population of almost 2 million people. The Kharkiv region has always been known as third most powerful scientific and industrial center of former USSR and EuroAsia and is still worldwide famous for its science researches and inventions, machinery, aerospace, nuclear electronics, turbines and  powerful arms manufacturing. Kharkiv formerly was ukrainian capital from 1918 to 1934. Nowadays the city of Kharkiv is considered to be one of top 2 primary investment destinations in Ukraine. More than 250 IT companies of various sizes and different service providers operate here. There are 92 universities that prepare thousands of graduates annually. Additionally, some major world famous ukrainian technical universities including Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics, Kharkiv National Aerospace University, the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, and others located here.Each year about 20,000 IT specialists graduate from the higher educational institutions and 35-40% of them join software development companies. Kharkiv can also boast of the second largest IT talent pool in Ukraine. About 18,000 highly qualified IT specialists are engaged in delivering various services, that is about 40% of all IT sector resources in Ukraine. Kharkiv is the place with high level of economic development, well-developed infrastructures and  communications. The city offers enormous choice of the talented but cost-effective IT workforce, as most of compensation packages and infrastructure costs are at least 50% lower of the average marks in all north american and western european regions. Among the specifics of the IT market in Kharkiv is also the presence of strong professional IT communities. These IT communities unite IT specialists and hold different meetings and events to share their knowledge and experience in order to gain new skills and competence. A lot of improvements had been made to the city infrastructure since the city was chosen to co-host the European Football Championship back in 2012. Being located in NorthEastern Ukraine, Kharkiv has convenient air and railway connections. There are daily direct domestic flights from Kiev to Kharkiv (about 1 hour) and international from Vienna (about 2 hours), as well as daily trains from Kiev (about 4,5 hours). A lot of air lines operate in Kharkiv International Airport such as: Austrian Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, FlyDubai, LOT Polish Airlines, Wizz AIR, Pegasus, Turkish Airlines and others.In 2009, Focus Magazine included the city of Kharkiv to the ranking of European Cities and Regions of the Future and ranked it the 3rd in the TOP 5 Major Cities in the Cost Effectiveness category. Offering a solid pool of highly skilled and gifted IT experts, scientists and technicians, great cost savings and many other advantages, today Kharkiv is considered as the most dynamic and rapidly developing IT and product development location of all CEE market. In 2018  Financial Times ranked Kharkiv 1 out of Top 40 european cities  in effective urban  management and highest investment potential.
Ukrainian Independent State  History Timelines
Ukraine  has  come  through  many  transformations  to  become  the State  as  it  is  today. However, many factors have been prevalent since the beginning. The foundations of Ukraine began in the 10th and 11th centuries with the establishment of Kyivan Rus under the influence of the Orthodox Church. This was the first of the Eastern Slavic states and grew to be the most powerful country in Europe. The cultural beginnings of the Ukrainian people lie with Kyivan Rus. The country remained powerful until the 12th century when it was weakened by invasions from Turkic nomads and then destroyed by the Mongols. Kyivan Rus was then absorbed into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth until the mid 17th century. During Polish rule, the Rus turned to the Cossacks for help to revolt against the Poles. The uprising was successful creating the Cossack Hetmanate.  The Cossack Hetmanate  was  incorporated into Muscovite Russia but maintained autonomy for more than 100 years  struggling for independence. At the end of the 18th century Ukraine was partly absorbed into the Russian Empire. Later when czarist Russia collapsed in 1917, Ukraine achieved independence for a short period from 1917–1920, then it came under control of the Soviet Union. During the period of Soviet rule Ukraine underwent two famines that killed 5 million people.The World War II saw even further 9 million losses for ukrainian people. The collapse of the Soviet Union has not only brought new freedoms and opportunities, but completely transformed the lives of all those who once lived there. Finally, in 1991, Ukraine achieved full independence with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The post-Soviet era was characterized by state lack of control and endemic corruption until the end of 90's. Modern Ukraine has achieved a high level of democratic and economic freedoms and is looking forward to continued success in the future.  Ukraine currently ranks 76 in WorldBank Doing Business Report and is expecting to hit Top50 within nearest 1-2 years. 
The  economy in Ukraine is heavily based on SME services, gas mining, steel & electricity production, agrofood industry and hi-tech manufacturing especially transportation, vehicles, manufacture equipment, air and spacecrafting. The country shows also a strong growth in the IT and hi-tech product development market and the overall national economy is expected to continue growing in the upcoming years up to 6-7%. The  primary language of Ukraine is ukrainian though russian and english is also spoken among millennials especially in the north-eastern, western, central and southern  parts of the country.
Today a new page of Ukraine history has been turned over and is being written. There are a lot of expectations for major changes in the country as Ukraine is open for global partnership opportunities and  made its natural historical decision to become a part of entire European family.